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Isle of Lewis Set - Berserker Version

Isle of Lewis Set - Berserker Version



Isle of Lewis Set - Viking Berserker Version

The original artifacts were found buried in Northern Scotland where a Viking stronghold existed during the time they were believed to have been made.  In the early 1800's, a written description of these artifacts tells us that some of the pieces were originally a dark, vivid red, believed to have been stained by soaking the ivory tusk in ox blood. 

Today 82 of the original pieces are at the British Museum in London and 11 pieces are at the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh. 

In this particular set, the rooks (and pawns) are modeled after the design variation where the rooks are biting their shields, which is something the Viking Berserkers were known for doing.

Please note that the overall game set does not include a branded 'game box' and the individual items will arrive packed loosely wrapped in bubble wrap within a normal shipping box.

Set includes:
- Full set of all playing pieces, plus two extra queens.
- Stone / Ivory colored playing board (approx. 15.2" x 15.2") made from resin and crushed limestone. 

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