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The Wild Hunt of Odin - Canvas Print

The Wild Hunt of Odin - Canvas Print



This famous painting features a flying brigade of horsemen accompanied by Valkyries, berserkers, ravens, owls, captured women and Thor himself wearing a crown with his chariot being pulled by his two goats. In Scandinavian folklore it was believed that if you witnessed this terrifying scene in person you were about to be taken away to the underworld.

The original was painted in 1872 by Peter Nicolai Arbo and is currently on display at the National Museum of Art in Oslo, Norway.

Approx. Sizes: From 18" x 12" up to 36" x 24"
Depth:  1-1/4", w a solid covering on the back and attached hanging hardware.
Canvas Material: 100% cotton fabric (400gsm)

Note: For indoor use only.

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