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Short Sleeve Chainmail Shirt - Mild Steel

Short Sleeve Chainmail Shirt - Mild Steel




Short Sleeve Chainmail Shirt - Mild Steel

Butted rings that are interlocked with a 4-1 design. Armpits are reinforced with riveted rings. Chemically colored steel. To avoid patina, it is important to keep your armor dry or you can choose to apply a protective layer such as a coating of wax.

Available Sizes:

Approx. chest circumference: 43" (108cm)
Approx. waist circumference: 35" (89cm)

Approx. chest circumference: 47" (120cm)
Approx. waist circumference: 40" (102cm)

Approx. chest circumference: 55" (139cm)
Approx. waist circumference: 46" (118cm

Approx. chest circumference: 60" (152cm)
Approx. waist circumference: 52" (132cm)

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