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Viking Jewelry

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We offer hundreds of affordable viking jewelry items made of alloy, pewter and stainless steel. We also offer higher end items made of solid brass, bronze and sterling silver.

It’s no secret that Vikings loved their jewelry. History shows us that they adorned themselves with a variety of decorative personal items crafted from bronze, silver and gold. Both male and female would wear multiple pieces of jewelry bearing anything from various symbols of Odin to battle axes and the Mjolnir (Thor's hammer). This included rings, pendants and arm rings. While some of their jewelry was chunky and heavy, made to withstand the rigors of battle, other pieces were incredibly detailed to proudly proclaim their heritage and riches.

Crafted with masterful artistry, Viking jewelry was quite beautiful in addition to being durable. Often times, the symbols incorporated into the designs depicted stories or illustrated a particular ancestry line, religion or ethnicity. Viking jewelry was a form of self-expression and alliance, much like it is in many cultures today. It also served the purpose of portraying the strength of the wearer, such as in the case of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which indicates his power over the natural forces of thunder and lightning. In addition, the craftsmanship reflected Vikings’ allegiance to their gods, beliefs and heritage.

These mystical Viking symbols weren’t just found on jewelry – they were carved on runestones, swords, and axes in the form of images, words and stories. They were designed to depict abstract patterns, to be sure, but they also incorporated images of animals, nature and mythology. Most Viking jewelry was made of silver, although there were other materials used in their creation as a way to connect them to faith, magical powers or ancestral history.

Viking jewelry has always had a strong following; however, its popularity has risen to new heights thanks to TV shows like “Vikings” on the History Channel. But no matter what popular culture dictates at any given time, it’s clear that Viking folklore has staying power.

We welcome you to come in, browse around, and see the beautiful pieces and high-quality craftsmanship we have to offer you. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Mjolnir pendant or a Celtic Tree of Life piece, we have many options to choose from.