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Do you offer international shipments?
Yes!  See shipping options, prices and estimated delivery times during checkout.

How long does shipping take for orders inside of the US?
When items are in stock, we typically ship your order within 1-2 days, and arrives within another 2-5 days at the most. However many items are considered custom orders (or custom made to order) which may take additional time to get in. Each of our individual product pages should offer estimated times for shipping and delivery.

How long does shipping take for international orders?
International shipments using the 'postal' option can take far longer than usual (up to 60-90 days in some rare cases). Because of this, we also offer DHL and UPS, which offers far quicker shipping options.

I need a different size, what can I do?
No problem! We offer a 30-day window for size exchanges. As long as your item is still in new condition, just mail it back to us and include a short note explaining what size you would prefer and we will send you a replacement as soon as we receive your return. Size exchanges for international orders may require additional shipping fees, in which we can email you a payment link.

I am not happy with what I received, what can I do?
If you're not happy, we're not happy! We offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Whether it is offering you something different as a replacement or a refund (minus shipping fees and 20% re-stocking fee), we will do our best to make it right!

Are your precious metals solid or plated?
Solid!  With the exception of a select few items (that are specifically marked as being bronze items plated with .999 sterling silver), our brass, bronze, sterling silver and gold jewelry items are all solid throughout.

Can I get this jewelry wet?
Stainless steel, brass, bronze, sterling silver and 14k gold items ...Yes. However, pewter, alloy and certainly items made out of forged steel can eventually rust / patina or become brittle if they get wet.

Can Bronze or 925 Sterling Silver make my skin turn green?
Yes. Some people may occasionally experience a green skin effect from bronze and 925 sterling silver. If doubtful, a quick Google search will confirm literally thousands of legitimate jewelry websites all saying the same thing. Skin turning green is caused by the small traces of copper found in both. Bronze includes a mixture of copper and 925 sterling silver (the most popular form of silver used for jewelry).  925 stands for 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% includes a mixture of other alloys to keep the jewelry piece from not being too soft. These various alloys include traces of copper.

Copper is an essential mineral the body needs. If your body is low in copper, and you are wearing something that has copper in it, the body will send out enzymes to metabolize the copper, turning it into cupric oxide, which is green, and then absorbing it through the skin. It is natural and actually very healthy. This is also the origin of the old wives tale about wearing a copper bracelet to treat arthritis.

For most people, this reaction clears up within a few days. We wear our own jewelry all the time and we too periodically will see the green effect on rare occasions and it always clears up within the next day or two.

However, we understand the green effect can be unsightly. First, cleaning the item will help, especially right before you wear it. An easy way to clean it is with a soft rag and toothpaste. Another trick for those who have continual issues, is to coat the inside of the item with clear nail polish. This works well, but can eventually wear off over time and may require periodic re-application.

If you are still unhappy and your item is still in 'like new' condition (and within 30 days of receiving your item), please refer to our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.