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Celtic Jewelry, Decor and Clothing

We offer official Guinness® Merchandise, as well as a wide selection of Irish Jewelry such as: Celtic Necklaces, Celtic Rings, Celtic Bracelets, Celtic Brooches and Celtic Earrings, featuring Claddagh jewelry, Celtic Cross jewelry, Shamrock jewelry, Celtic Knot jewelry, Tree of Life jewelry, as well as Scottish Thistle jewelry and more.

Why Celtic merchandise on a Viking website?

1) Well to start, Kurt (the owner) is the son of a mother who is Scottish / Irish, and a father who is 100% Danish and has a lifetime love for both cultures.


2) As most of you already know, a high percentage of Viking history (both raids and their numerous settlements) happened in Ireland and Scotland. In fact, during the last few generations of the Viking Age, it was extremely common for Vikings to be the child of a Norse/Scandinavian father and a Celtic mother.

Today, as much as 20% of Irish and Scottish people are finding they also have Scandinavian DNA in them which can often be traced directly back to these original Norse settlements. And thus the shared interest in Viking history.

As well, both Scotland and Ireland have numerous Viking museums that share this history. This is also why virtually every single Celtic festival includes a presence of Viking reenactors and Viking history.

The National Museum of Ireland states on their website that because the blending of these two cultures was so strong, "It is often difficult to distinguish between Viking and Irish artifacts at this time.”

Popular Celtic Symbols:

Claddagh Rings
- Claddagh Necklaces
Claddagh Earrings
celtic cross
- Celtic Cross Ring
- Celtic Cross Necklaces
- Celtic Cross Earrings 
- Celtic Cross Shirts
- Shamrock Rings
- Shamrock Necklaces
- Shamrock Earrings
- Celtic Knot Rings
- Celtic Knot Necklaces
- Celtic Knot Earrings 
- Celtic Knot Bracelet
- Tree of Life Rings
- Tree of Life Necklaces
- Tree of Life Earrings 
- Tree of Life Bracelets
- Thistle Rings
- Thistle Necklaces
- Thistle Earrings 
- Thistle Bracelets
- Irish Harp
- St. Brigid Cross Necklaces


Other Celtic Related Items:

   - Irish Artwork

   - Scottish Artwork

   - Celtic Fidchell Game

   - Irish Flat Caps

   - Irish Shirts

   - Celtic Brooch Pins

   - Celtic Bracelets

   - Celtic Torcs