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Viking Invasion - Canvas Print

Viking Invasion - Canvas Print



What makes the original painting of this famous image of invading Vikings all the more interesting is that it was painted within 100 years of the actual Viking Age. Notice the wool knit caps and the colorful tunics that Vikings were known for.

The original painting is from the 12th century manuscript, Miscellany on the Life of St. Edmund  in (The Morgan Library and Museum, New York City).

In A.D. 865 a large Viking army known as The Great Heathen Army, composed of Vikings from Norway, Denmark and Sweden, landed in East Anglia. The reason for the invasion was to avenge the death of Ragnar Lodbrok after King Ælla of Northumbria had Ragnar killed by throwing him into a pit full of snakes. 

Approx. Sizes: From 18" x 12" up to 36" x 24"
Canvas Material: 100% cotton fabric (400gsm)

Note: For indoor use only.

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