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Fidchell Celtic Chess Set - Limestone

Fidchell Celtic Chess Set - Limestone



Fidchell Celtic Chess Set - Irish Limestone

Instructions included! This is the Celtic version of the tafl-like games, with very similar rules to the 'Viking chess' game known as HnefataflThis Irish game is based on a legend that Lugh the Ildána (Celtic God of Light and Inspiration) devised this game around the 9th Century. Also called: fidhcheall, fidceall, fitchneal fithchill or gwyddbwyll.

The limestone board is modeled after a 10th century artifact that is now on display at the National Museum of Ireland.

21 Playing Pieces:  Made in Ireland out of Irish limestone.
Approx. Height of King: 1.6" (4cm).

Includes Playing Board: Also made of Irish limestone, 11.4" (29cm) x 8.7" (22cm).

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