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Viking Dice Game - Bone

Viking Dice Game - Bone



Viking Dice Game | Taflkast | Bone Dice Set w Leather Pouch

Based on the numerous artifact finds throughout Scandinavia and Europe, dice games (Old Norse: Taflkast) were popular with Vikings. Dice were typically made out of animal bone or tusks.

Dice Game Set includes:
- 4 small (6-sided) bone dice, based on artifacts found in Adre, Gotland.
- 2 large (6-sided) bone dice, based on artifacts found in Ed, Uppland.
- 1 rectangular (4-sided) bone die, based on an artifact found in Hejnum, Gotland.
- A hand stitched leather pouch.
- And a printed sheet of rules for different two dice games.

Material: 100% genuine ox bone, color may vary

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