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Freyr Hoodie

Freyr Hoodie




Freyr Hoodie | Norse / Celtic Boar Jacket

In Norse mythology Freyr is a god who belongs to the Vanir tribe. One Old Norse poem calls him “the foremost of the gods” and “hated by none.”  Freyr rode a large boar named Gullinbursti (golden mane). Snorri states that his chariot was pulled by the same boar.  As well, his sister Freya also had a wild boar at her side named Hildisvini (battle swine).

As well, during the Viking era and especially in the Celtic / Gaelic culture, the wild boar also represented courage, bravery and ferocity in battle.

Material: 100% Cotton, Gildan Brand. Zippered in front w/ pockets.
 S, M, L, XL and 2XL (standard US Sizes)
Colors: Black

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