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Gotland Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Gotland Ring - 925 Sterling Silver




Gotland Ring - .925 Sterling Silver

A hand forged ring styled after the Viking ring artifacts found in the Viking jewelry hoard found in Gotland, Sweden. Ring has a split cut in the back to make it slightly adjustable if needed.

Material: .925 Sterling Silver

US Ring Sizes: 5.3 (1.6cm), 6.6 (1.7cm), 7.8 (1.8cm), 9.1 (1.9cm), 10.2 (2.0cm), 11.4 (2.1cm), 12.7 (2.2cm), 14 (2.3cm), 15.2 (2.4cm) and 16.5 (2.5cm).

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