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Viking History Book : An In-Depth Look at the History of the Viking Age

Viking History Book : An In-Depth Look at the History of the Viking Age



Sons of Vikings | History and Impact of the Viking Age

Paperback, non-fiction book (400+ pages).

Written by historian and seasoned author David Gray Rodgers and the owner of Sons of Vikings Kurt Evald Noer. Meticulously researched from over 100 different sources (including over three dozen medieval manuscripts) ...all to bring you this one in-depth look at the Viking age from start to finish.

The Viking Age (793-1066) was an explosive time in history. Scandinavian adventurers carried on sleek dragon-prow ships set out in all directions to explore, trade, war, and make their fortunes. But these men and women were not just opportunists and mercenaries. They would prove to be a transformative force everywhere they went. They founded kingdoms, and new domains were formed to resist them. They established trade routes from the Silk Road to the misty lands beyond the known boundaries of the Earth. They changed the very trajectory of world history.

Sons of Vikings is a different kind of Viking book. This book tells the stories of the Viking Age through the men and women who lived it. You will learn about Ragnar Lothbrok and the dawn of the Viking phenomenon, how Rollo changed France, Alfred's battles for England, the adventures of Ivar the Boneless in Ireland, Floki’s discovery of Iceland, the mystery of Lagertha the Shield Maiden, Olga the Viking mother of Russia, Bjorn Ironside's voyage to the Mediterranean, and much more. Instead of merely presenting facts, chronologies, or geographical data, these stories convey an understanding that will stick with you long after the back cover is closed.

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