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House of Ravens - Dark Roast Espresso

House of Ravens - Dark Roast Espresso



Odin's two pet ravens are named Huginn (Old Norse for "Thought") and Muninn (Old Norse for "Memory"). Odin sent them out daily so they could report back to him all they see and hear.

If you love a really good espresso, wait until you taste our dark, French roasted coffee! An excellent way to start your morning flight and seek better 'Thought and Memory'!

Unlike a lot of the big brands that are literally factory roasted, our espresso is true craft coffee roasted by hand here in Virginia, in small batches. We're talking 'days ago' fresh, not months ago!  And with unique proprietary blend of Central and South America, it offers a slightly sweet and deep taste that a true espresso fan is going to love!

Add a huge 15oz 'Sons of Vikings' Coffee Mug for only $18 more!

Size: 12 ounce bag (whole bean only)

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