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Hel Necklace - Sterling Silver

Hel Necklace - Sterling Silver



Hel Necklace | Pendant / Amulet  | Norse Goddess Giantess Jewelry

This sterling silver Necklace features the 'half dead' appearance of the goddess / giantess known as Hel, and includes three rune letters spelling out her name.

According to the 13th century Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson, Hel is the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. She is also the sister of Fenrir and Jormungandr. She rules over the underworld (also known as Hel), which is hidden under one of the three roots of Yggdrasil (the world tree).  Snorri describes her appearance as half dead and half alive with a perpetual expression of gloom.

Pendant: 925 Sterling Silver (14 grams)
Necklace: Cord w/ clasp. Custom chains are available here.

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