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Guinness® Gravity Pint Glass

Guinness® Gravity Pint Glass



Available as one glass, a pair, or a set of 6, 12 and 24, we've got you covered with our Guinness Gravity Pint Glass Multi Packs; perfect for those who want to share their love of Guinness with friends and family!

The Glass Itself:

Savour a perfectly poured pint of the black stuff with the new Guinness Gravity Glass; a must-have for the Guinness lover in your life. The Gravity Glass widens at the top and has thin, lengthy walls to help showcase the velvety black color of Guinness.

With a new, contoured shape, the Guinness Gravity Pint Glass features an embossed Harp on the back of the glass and the Guinness Harp Logo on the front.

  • 20 oz Glass
  • New, Contoured Shape
  • Features Embossed Harp and Guinness Logo
  • Hand Wash Only