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Floki's Fuel - Medium Roast Coffee

Floki's Fuel - Medium Roast Coffee



Hrafna-Floki Vilgerdarsson, aka 'Floki' ...the Viking sea traveler who discovered Iceland! 

In reminiscent of Floki's morning experience of the ocean spray slapping his face, you'll absolutely love waking up to another fresh day of adventure with our incredibly delicious blend of Indonesian and Brazilian, medium roasted coffee beans.

Unlike a lot of the big brands that are virtually factory roasted, our coffee is true craft coffee roasted by hand here in Virginia, in small batches. We're talking 'days ago' fresh, not months ago!  And with unique proprietary blends that a true coffee fan is going to love.

Add a huge 15oz 'Sons of Vikings' Coffee Mug for only $18 more!

Size: 12 ounce bag

Our coffee products are only available to customers within the US & Canada.
Typically ships within 1-2 business days.