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Berserker's Bite - Light Roast Coffee

Berserker's Bite - Light Roast Coffee



Berserkers! The bear skin wearing 'special forces' of the Vikings, who were known for their devotion to Odin and their furiously crazed fighting ability.

Go berserk on your next morning raid with our delicious blend of Brazilian coffee beans. They are just so lightly roasted give you that extra boost of 'bear-like' caffeine energy.

Unlike a lot of the big brands that are virtually factory roasted, our coffee is true craft coffee roasted by hand here in Virginia, in small batches. We're talking 'days ago' fresh, not months ago!  

Add a huge 15oz 'Sons of Vikings' Coffee Mug for only $18 more!

Size: 12 ounce bag

Our coffee products are only available to customers within the US & Canada.
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