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Raven (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Raven (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver



Raven Bracelet - Sterling Silver | As Seen On Vikings TV Series | History Channel

Designed and handmade for the History Channel's TV series, Vikings and now available to you!  On the show, this is the arm ring that Ragnar gave to , Ivar, Ubbe, Hvisterk and Siguard, when they came of age. 

In history, the use of a raven on Viking war flags represented the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 878AD). The 12th-century Annals of St Neots also mentions that the raven banner flag was present with the Great Heathen Army (led by Ivar the Boneless).

Material: Handmade with sterling silver raven heads and braided sterling silver medium wire. Thickness is approx. 5/16" (8mm). 

Size Options (based on wrist circumference - all are slightly adjustable): 
5.5" (14cm) through 8.5" (21.5cm)

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