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Raven (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Raven (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver



Raven Bracelet - Sterling Silver | As Seen On Vikings TV Series | History Channel

These are handmade by our friend who designed and made these exact same arm rings for the History Channel's TV series, Vikings and now available to you! On the show, this is the arm ring that Ragnar gave to his sons Ivar, Ubbe, Hvisterk and Siguard, when they came of age. In the last few seasons, Ivar is seen wearing both this bracelet and Ragnar's arm ring that Floki took back from Athelstan after killing him.

In history, the use of a raven on Viking war flags represented the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 878AD). The 12th-century Annals of St Neots also mentions that the raven banner flag was present with the Great Heathen Army (led by Ivar the Boneless).

Material: Handmade with sterling silver raven heads and braided sterling silver medium wire. Thickness is approx. 5/16" (8mm). 

Size Options (based on wrist circumference - all are slightly adjustable): 
6" (15cm) through 8.5" (21.6cm)

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