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Dealers/Resellers: Save an additional 15% to 30% off of our current sale prices. You also have our permission to private label and/or markup our items as much as you would like.

The wholesale discount codes below are available to everyone. However our larger discount percentage of 30% is only available on items priced $49.95 or below (which make up the vast majority of our most popular items). Reason being is that our higher priced items have much slimmer profit margins so we can only offer 15% off when purchasing fifteen or more items.

If you would like to purchase a larger order of items priced both under and over $49.95, we recommend making two separate orders using the appropriate discount codes for each group of items.

Discount code: wholesale15
- Offers 15% off of your entire order.
- Requires a minimum purchase of 15 items at a time.
- Applies to every item (of every price).

Discount code: wholesale30
- Offers 30% off of your entire order.
- Requires a minimum purchase of 30 items at a time.
- Applies ONLY to items priced $49.95 and below.
  (any orders using this code for higher priced items will not be honored)

Note: due to inventory limitations, some orders may take up to 1-3 weeks for fulfillment before items ship.