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Sons Of Vikings - Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our last scholarship recipient!

We would like to congratulate Grace Traina for winning our last scholarship. Grace is graduating as first in class from Mandeville High School and will be matriculating at the New York University Stern School of Business Undergraduate College this fall. Grace is planning on majoring in business with a specialization in economics and a minor in visual arts.

We are now offering this scholarship again for 2022, see below.


$500 Annual Scholarship Program

At Sons Of Vikings, we are proud to offer our annual scholarship contest that is offered to students who are currently attending a United States based college or university. The owner, Kurt Noer has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and is offering this scholarship to encourage future entrepreneurs.

Who is Sons Of Vikings

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sons Of Vikings is dedicated to promote the history of the Viking Age (late 8th century to the mid 11th century).

No Fee Required

No fees are required and only your full name, phone number and a current .edu email address is required to enter. This information will not be shared to others.

Qualifications & Eligibility

  • Student must be a current and full time, US-based undergraduate who is pursuing a degree in business, marketing, sales or similar related fields.
  • Student must provide a copy of their school transcript showing cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Submit an original 500+ word essay on any one of the following three topics:
         - A profile essay of a historic Viking (Bjorn Ironside, Leif Erikson, etc).
         - An essay of a historic, Viking related incident (ex. Siege of Paris, discovery of Iceland, etc.)
         - Or an essay of the unique creatures, beings or gods from Norse Mythology.

Scholarship Schedule

    • Essay must be submitted and postmarked by September 15th, 2022
    • Winner will be announced by October 1st, 2022
    • Award will be disbursed by November 15th, 2022

Terms and Conditions:

  • Submitted essays must be unique, interesting and 100% original, based on historical manuscripts, artifacts and similar findings. Sources must be included.
  • Scholarship award checks will be made out to and directly submitted to the financial aid office corresponding with the student’s .edu email address in the name of the winning applicant.
  • Once a scholarship winner is chosen, qualifications and eligibility will be confirmed before award is disbursed.
  • Winners will be notified by phone and email. If no response is returned within 30 days, a runner-up will be selected as a replacement.
  • employees, affiliates and immediate family members are in-eligible to apply.
  • reserves the right to withhold disbursement of scholarship funds if no applicants apply, qualify or meet requirements of writing aptitude.

Application Process

Your submitted essay and a copy of your official transcript should be mailed to:

Sons Of Vikings
1669 Spence Gate Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Please include your full name, phone number and a current .edu email address.



Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its customers and scholarship applicants. We will keep your personal information confidential, and will only use said information for the sake of verifying scholarship eligibility and/or contacting the applicant about their essay or potential winning of a scholarship. reserves the right to alter this privacy policy at any time without notice.