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Floki (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Floki (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver




Floki (Vikings) Bracelet - Sterling Silver

Sons of Vikings is honored to have been asked by the History Channel to design them a custom bracelet that was used as a special gift for their 350 cast and crew members of the TV series, Vikings. And now YOU can own a sterling silver version!  Also available in brass

Material: Small solid 925 sterling silver rods twisted together with 925 sterling silver beast heads. 

Wrist Circumference Sizes: 16cm (6.3") through 25cm (9.8"), all are slightly adjustable.

Worldwide shipping available!
US Customers: Est. delivery time is up to 7-14 days using postal shipping.
Outside of US: Est. delivery time is up to 14-28 days using postal shipping.