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Viking Pants - Cotton

Viking Pants - Cotton




Viking Pants - Cotton

Pants only. Boots, shirt, armor and belt sold separately. Features the traditional baggy fit at the top and a tighter fit below the knees to offer that 'leg wrap' appearance (leg wraps can still be added at your discretion). Also features a thick drawstring and discreet pockets. 

Material: Durable canvas made of medium cotton with a cotton drawstring.
Available Colors: Beige and Brown
Approx. Waist Size: 
X-Small/Small = 26" - 29" (66cm - 74cm)
Medium/Large = 30" - 38" (75cm - 97cm)
XL through 3XL = 39" and up (98cm +)

Worldwide shipping available!
Custom order. Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks.

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