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Small Celtic Cross Necklace - Gold (10k or 14k)

Small Celtic Cross Necklace - Gold (10k or 14k)



Small Celtic Cross Necklace - Gold (10k or 14k) | Handcrafted Irish Pendant

Stone versions of this symbol were first erected across the Celtic region as early as the 9th century (during the Viking age). The famous Thorlief Hnakki Cross (found in Isle of Man) is an example of a stone Celtic cross carved with 100% Scandinavian Mammen art style and a runic inscription which dedicates the cross to Thorleif's sonOne legend is that St. Patrick designed this symbol as a combination of the pagan sun cross symbol and the cross of Christianity to help bring the two groups together. Others believe the circle simply represented eternity. Today the Celtic Cross symbol has become well known as a symbol of Celtic heritage.

Materials: 10k or 14k Gold. Handmade in Ireland and hallmarked in Dublin Castle.
Approx. Size: 0.6" (15mm) tall x 0.4" (10mm) in width.

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