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How to make your own Viking Shield

Posted by Kurt Noer on

Note: We sell completed viking shields (including blank shields) for as low as $119.

Prefer to make your own? Below are four videos on DIY Viking Shields:

This first how-to video used a stainless steel dog bowl for the center piece and used hydrocholoric acid and some hammering to give it that aged, hand-made look.


This Viking shield build focused on a look to match Lagertha's shield from the TV show "Vikings". A request that came from the wife of the builder.


This homemade Viking Shield required little to zero metal working. Using plywood and other easy to find ingredients to make a fully functional shield.


This last video also used plywood and offers tips on how to give the plywood that plank look to is as well as how he added his hand-painted Norse graphics.


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