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Do You Have Viking in Your Blood?

Posted by Kurt Noer on

The original Vikings were Nordic (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and The Aland Islands). Many of the earliest Viking settlements were Celtic (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornall and Brittany). During the peak of the Viking age (800 A.D - 1150 A.D.), Vikings continued to travel, conquer and settle into Normandy, Europe, Russia, North America and beyond. 

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August 1, 2017

I had my DNA analysed recently and found out that I have Scandinavian heritage (one of my great grandparents was 100% Scandinavian)

Alexander Matthiasen

August 1, 2017

I’m danish, have a family tree going back to 1634, nothing non-danish at all and over 90% being from the eastern and northern (northeast) parts of Jutland.
My family from the 1600s lived in a viking shipbuilding area, which makes me assume they were boat builders in the viking age. My maternal haplogroup is J1b1a making her of direct Celtic heritage. Her maternal ancestor was probably kidnapped from Scotland around 900s.

Bryden Clausen

August 1, 2017

I believe my great grand father was from Norway. I don’t have enough documentation to to trace back. How can I go about getting more info?

Michelle VanAllen

July 31, 2017

I have Danish, English, and Scottish blood among many others. I am sure there is Viking in there.

Krista Sederquest

July 31, 2017

English, Irish, Scottish, Swedish

Brandon Michael Evans

July 31, 2017

I would be honored viking blood

JH Nielsen

July 31, 2017

Brown eyed American Dane/Britt here. Grandfather direct from Danmark/Denmark.

DAvid TAit

July 31, 2017

My surname is ancient norse. Originally Teitr meaning cheerful. I am Scottish but often mistaken for Scandinavian. Definitely Viking in me, especially when I drink whisky ?

Matt McGlone

July 30, 2017

I have never done a family tree before, but I have wanted to for a long time. Funds are low and my family doesn’t know much past 2 generations. Any suggestions would be helpful.

graeme grant

July 30, 2017

I probably am.

Janson Sissons

July 28, 2017

Literally every person I meet asks me if I have Nordic heritage. I have long blonde hair and a red beard, with blue eyes and fair skin. When I traveled to Sweden, people mistook me for a resident.

Michael Garvey

July 26, 2017

My grandad was born in sligo west ireland.And i was told my surname being GARVEY i was told its of viking desent, just want to find if thats true. Thank you.

Shadow Foster

March 18, 2017

My personal family tree given to me by my grandfather shows my family living around the White Sea (if you know where that is) and all my family seem to be giants. I’m apparently the runt being 6’01" and all my family members have grey blue eyes.

Sharon McKenzie

March 14, 2017

I recently had a DNA analysis done and when the results came back, it showed that I am 75% Scottish and Irish and almost 25% Scandinavian; the remaining trace is Italian, surprisingly.

Linda Sloan

March 3, 2017

I did a family tree and found someone doing the same tree and they traced it back to vikings but i have no evidence of it.

MOlly hYmes

March 3, 2017

I have light grey eyes aswell. I always get mistaken for being Norwegian. I’ve even had Norwegian people come up to me start speaking in Norwegian for me to turn round and go sorry what? Haha ?

JOnathan wIlls

February 23, 2017

The opticians said that I have Nordic eyes that are light blue gray and i an sensitive to sun light , no I am not a vampire.

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