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Viking Rune Necklace

Viking Rune Necklace

Viking Rune Necklace




Viking Rune Necklace. Helm of Awe | Norse Runic Pendant. As warriors and traders from Nordic countries trekked to far-off continents such as North America, they left lasting marks of their presence. One of those marks was the Runic alphabet, one of the first primitive forms of communication. Dating back to early Viking Age days, this powerful and mysterious symbol – the Helm of Awe – comprised many elements of the Runic alphabet. The arms are thought to be Z-Runes while the spikes are thought to be Isa Runes for protection over enemies. Viking Jewelry | Norse / Nordic Odin Amulet.

Pendant: Zinc Alloy, Antique Silver Plated
Necklace: Link Chain

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