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Viking Round Shield

Viking Round Shield




Viking Round Shield | Freya's Cat | Viking Shield Design

Based on the most exalted Norse goddess Freya (also known as Freyja). She was also known for her magical cats which pulled her chariot.

Six options to choose from:

Wall Display 24" diameter ($140), 30" diameter ($170), or 35" diameter ($200)
Designed for display yet sturdy enough for light parade use. Made of 1/2" thick plywood construction with hand cut grooves to give plank appearance. Single back support bar. Edge and handle wrapped in real leather.

Battle Ready 24" diameter ($230), 30" diameter ($260), or 35" diameter ($290)
Authentic construction and built tough for reenactment use. Made of 3/4" thick fir wood planks, with triple back support bars. Edge and handle wrapped in real leather. Note: Reenactments can be extremely dangerous, no wooden shield is completely indestructible. Please use caution and use at your own risk.


Shipping and Delivery
Due to weight and size of this item, free shipping is unavailable. Shipping is available for $39 to US customers. Orders outside of the US must provide their own shipping label using their own personal courier shipping account (which we will provide box size, weight and 'from' address). These shields are custom made per order. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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