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Viking Necklace - Sterling Silver

Viking Necklace - Sterling Silver




Viking Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver | Raven Head Hammer Mjolnir, Scania, Sweden.

Beautiful full necklace set made completely out of sterling silver. Back of mjolnir pendant is hollowed to save weight on wearer. Necklace knit chain and raven head terminals are also made completely of sterling silver.

Pendant: 925 Sterling Silver, 4cm (1-1/2") x 5cm (2"). 
Necklace: 925 Sterling Silver Knit Chain and Raven Heads.

Necklace Length: Note, we will contact you after your order for your head circumference so that we can make this to be slightly larger to fit comfortably over your head.

Worldwide shipping available!
Custom made per order. Please allow an additional few weeks for delivery times.