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Ödeshög Mjölnir

Ödeshög Mjölnir




An exquisite replica of the Ödeshög Mjölnir that was found in Sweden. You will not find a more detailed rendition of this famous Viking artifact! The original Ödeshög hammer was made out of gold and silver and was the prized amulet of most likely a very high-ranking Viking.

This breathtaking replica is hand made out of numerous pieces made from brass and white brass (silver). Absolutely nothing is plated. The two colors you see are from the two different metals meticulously soldered together and hand polished.

Collector's Item
This museum quality replica was designed and hand made in the USA (in 2012) by award winning artist, R.N. Sills. This particular design was one of the last items he ever worked on. He is now retired at the age of 70. Sons of Vikings has since acquired ownership of his incredible Viking jewelry collection.

While others have been casting copies of his designs for years (and typically removing the "R.N. Sills" from the back), these are his ORIGINAL hand made replicas that others have made castings from.

Two color options to choose from:
Gold with silver, and silver with gold.

Material: Brass (gold in color) and White Brass (silver in color)
Size: 2" (5cm) tall x 1-3/8" (3.4cm) wide, x 3/8" (0.83cm) thick.
Weight: Approximately 37 grams.
Necklace: Brown leather cord. Custom chains are available here

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