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Monster Odin Horn - 4.5 liter

Monster Odin Horn - 4.5 liter




Massive Hand Carved Odin on Throne Drinking Horn

A massive horn (holds 4.5 liters!) featuring the one-eyed god on his throne with his magical spear Gungnir, his two ravens (Huginn and Muninn), his two wolves (Geri and Freki), and the fierce Fenrir wolf carved into the tip of the horn. 

The pictures you see are the exact horn you will receive

Made from real (long horn) cattle. Inside of each horn is cleaned, polished and coated with a food safe epoxy coating to pass food laws. Hot liquids (above 60 °C) should be avoided. 

Estimated Capacity: 4.5 liters! (150 ounces).
Approx. Length: 27" (69cm), measured along the back curve of the horn.

Worldwide shipping available!
US Customers: Typically ships in 1 business day, delivers in 2-5 days.
Outside of US: Please allow up to 14-28 days for delivery.


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