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Lighter Hooded Cloak - Wool

Lighter Hooded Cloak - Wool




Hooded Cloak - Lighter Wool | Spring or Fall Cape with Hood

Slightly lighter/thinner (and shorter) version of our other wool cloak. This one is better for the Spring and Fall. Semicircle design (no sleeves) with a smaller hood. On the lapel there are two attached laces to tie the two sides together or you can attach with a brooch (sold separately).

Material: Lighter Wool Felt: 78% Wool, 12% Polyester, 8% Nylon and 2% other.
Available Colors: Dark Grey and Burgundy

Available Sizes: Please note that our cloaks will fit a wide variety of waist sizes however ordering should be based on your on height:
Small/Medium: For people who are 5'-3" (160cm) through 5'-9" (175cm).
Large/X-Large: For people who are 5'-10" (178cm) through 6'-4" (194cm).

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