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Deer Ring - Sterling Silver

Deer Ring - Sterling Silver




Deer Skull Ring - Sterling Silver | Celtic / Nordic Stag / Buck / Deer Hunter Rings

In Norse mythology, four stags eat among the branches of the World Tree Yggdrasill.  Deer antler was a popular choice for Viking combs and other tools.  In Celtic mythology Cernunnos is a figure who is depicted as having stag antlers on the top of his head. Also, in Gaelic Ireland (during the Middle Ages), small warrior bands existed known as Fianna. The deer was considered their mascot.

Material: Sterling Silver

US Ring Sizes: 
6.6 (1.7cm)
7.8 (1.8cm)
9.1 (1.9cm)
10.2 (2.0cm)
11.4 (2.1cm)
12.7 (2.2cm)

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