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Berserker Bear (Bicep) Arm Ring - Sterling Silver

Berserker Bear (Bicep) Arm Ring - Sterling Silver




Berserker Bear Bicep Arm Ring | Sterling Silver

The bear was sacred to Odin. As well, the term berserker comes from the old Norse words ber-serker which means bear-shirt or bare-chested, men who fought in a frenzy and without armor.

Material: Small solid rods twisted together with solid bear heads (both made of 925 Sterling Silver).

Upper Arm* Circumference Sizes: 9" (23cm) through 18.5" (46cm), all are slightly adjustable.

* Please use the circumference around your upper arm (just above your bicep).

Worldwide shipping available!
Custom made per order. Please allow an additional week or two for delivery times.

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