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Viking Beard Oil - Mead Scent

Viking Beard Oil - Mead Scent

Viking Beard Oil - Mead Scent



Viking Beard Oil | Freya's Kiss : Citrus & Honey Mead Scent

Improve the health of your beard, while adding a really nice smell ...of mead!

Made with 100% natural oils and made in the USA.

Beard Oil Ingredients:
Hemp Oil - Our base ingredient for rapid absorption and less oily residue.
Grapeseed Oil - Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch, promotes healthier growth.
Castor Oil - Helps to prevent ingrown hairs, clears clogged pores and strengthens hair.
Sweet Almond Oil - Strengthens hair with rejuvenating proteins.
Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oils - Promotes healthier skin.
Other Essential Oils - For that Honey and Citrus mead scent every Viking loves!

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