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Viking Compass Wall Art

Viking Compass Wall Art



Vegvisir Wall Art | Wooden Viking Compass Wall Hanging / Home Decor

A large and amazing wall hanging that focuses on the Icelandic symbol known as the Vegvisir which represents direction ("that which shows the way" ...also known as the 'Viking compass') surrounded by various Norse runes / letters. This amazing art piece also includes Aegishjalmur symbols (known as the 'Helm of Awe' or the 'Helm of Terror') representing protection.

Material: Engineered wood. not particle board, but a dense material made from wood, wax and a resin binder that results in a beautiful, yet very durable wood finish.

Approximate Size:
 27" x  35" (69cm x 89cm)

Worldwide shipping available!
Please allow up to 5-15 business days for delivery.


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