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Medieval Cutlery Set w/ Torqued Handles

Medieval Cutlery Set w/ Torqued Handles



Medieval Cutlery Set - Hand Forged Steel : Fork, Knife and Spoon with Twisted Handles

Modeled after numerous Viking Age artifacts of various cutlery related items. Set includes a knife, fork and spoon that are handmade out of iron / steel.

Note: While this set has more of a polished finish than our other set, we cannot guarantee that this cutlery set is safe for contact with food and thus recommend using them strictly for reenactment 'table props' only.

Material: Hand forged iron / steel.
Approx. Sizes: 
Knife: 7.3" (18.5cm) x 0.8" (2cm)
Fork: 7.1" (18cm) x 0.9" (2.3cm)
Spoon: 7.1" (18cm) x 1.8"(4.7cm)

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