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Isle of Lewis Chess Set - Resin

Isle of Lewis Chess Set - Resin




Isle of Lewis Chess Set - Weighted Resin Playing Pieces

Highly detailed set with felt bottoms.

The original chess sets were found buried on the shores of Northern Scotland where a Viking stronghold existed. The original pieces were made out of walrus tusk, most likely imported from Iceland or Greenland (also Viking settlements at that time). Based on the designs the original artifacts are believed to have been made in Norway. 

Today 82 of the original pieces are at the British Museum in London and 11 pieces are at the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh.

32 Playing Pieces:  Heavy (weighted) resin playing pieces with felt bottoms.
Approx. Weight: Collective weight of 32 pieces is over 3 lbs.
Approx. Height of King & Queen: 3.25" (8cm) tall.

Optional Chess Board: Large, heavy playing board (as seen in pictures). 20" x 20" (2.25" squares).  Approx 6.4 lbs.

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