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Carved Wood Freya Wall Hanging

Carved Wood Freya Wall Hanging



Carved Wood Freya Wall Hanging | Viking Home Decor.

Freya (also known as Freyja) is the Norse goddess of love. Accompanied by her boar named Hildisvini and her two cats who pulled her chariot. This stunning carving also includes details such as Freya's cloak of falcon feathers which allows her to fly and her famous necklace called Brisingamen, based on a painting done by Amanda Lindupp - Sacredpathart.

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Material: Iroko wood and treated with a natural wax finish.

Height Options: Five sizes to choose from: 11.8" (30cm) to 26.7" (68cm).

Worldwide shipping available!
Please allow approx. 5-10 business days for construction & DHL delivery.


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