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Deluxe Tortoise Brooch Replicas

Deluxe Tortoise Brooch Replicas




Deluxe Tortoise Brooch Replicas

One pair of luxurious, handmade turtle brooches inspired by the Viking artifacts found in Björkö, Sweden. Not a one piece cast but double shelled with silver filigree wiring and your choice of all silver rivets or a mixture of rivets and sweet water pearls.

Material: Bronze with Fine Sterling Silver filigree wiring. Silver rivets and/or pearls.

Option 1: Each brooch has 4 pearls and 5 sterling silver rivets.
Option 2: Each brooch has 9 sterling silver rivets (no pearls).

Approx. Size: 3" (7.6cm) x 2.3" (5.9"), 68 grams per brooch.

Each is custom made to order with worldwide shipping available!
Please allow up to 20-30 business days for construction & delivery.

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