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Norse Mythology Mug

Norse Mythology Mug




Hand Carved Huge Norse Mythology Drinking Horn Mug

Sigurd is a legendary hero of Norse mythology who killed a dragon. The dragon he killed was Fafnir, who was originally born as a dwarf (son of the dwarf king Hreidmar) but was turned into this dragon by a curse. This particular image is taken straight from the famous 12th century wood carving of Sigurd killing Fafnir, which was found in Norway (see image).

Each mug features a handle and holds at least two pints of your favorite ale or mead. The picture you see (for the option you choose) is the exact mug you will receive. Guaranteed no leaks!

Made from real (long horn) cattle with a wood bottom. Inside of each mug is cleaned, polished and coated with a food safe coating. Hot liquids (above 60 °C) should be avoided. 

Estimated Capacity: Varies, see individual options for details.
Approx. Height: 8" (20cm)

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