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What we can expect in Season 5 of "Vikings" (spoiler alerts)

Posted by Kurt Noer on

The Season 5 promo is full of sneak peaks. New characters, new lands, new wars.

Will Lagertha die soon? predicted by the Seer in Season 4? In the Season 5 sneak peek we see a crown on Herald's head.

Brothers go to war against each other?
Will Ivar the Boneless receive any repercussion from killing his brother Sigurd?  The show's creator, Michael Hirst confirms that war will eventually break out between some of the sons over Ragnar's throne. One future scene implies Ivar is at war with Bjorn. At the very end of the Season 5 sneak peek, we hear an what sounds like Bjorn's angry voice yell "Ivar!!!".

For now we know this:
Ivar stated that his plans are to lead more raids and find new lands. Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ubbe stated that they want to stay and and defend the farming land that was their father's dream. And Bjorn made it clear that he wants to return to the Medittranean, which Hirst confirms will indeed happen and told TV Guide, "We shot scene in Morocco that you won't believe".

Does Floki discover Iceland?
In the Season 5 sneak peek, we see Floki surviving a shipwreck on the shores of ...Iceland? Hirst confirmed that the fifth season will indeed include episodes based in Iceland. And it would make sense that Floki would be the person to discover it since many believe that Floki's character is loosely based on Hrafna-Floki Villgeroarson, a historical Viking known for discovering Iceland.

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MArtin Søreide

February 27, 2017

This Scottish Viking is growing his beard just in case you want some extras if you film around the Perth area in Scotland.

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