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Did Stan Lee of Marvel Comics claim that he invented the word MJOLNIR?

Posted by Kurt Noer on

Mjolnir (pronounced MEE-OL-neer): Thor's Hammer.

Recently I have been hearing that Stan "Lee" Leiber of Marvel Comics claimed that he invented the word mjolnir. Surely this can't be true?

In a 2002 documentary with Kevin Smith, Lee claimed that it was actually his younger brother (and Marvel business partner) Larry Leiber who invented the word. Marvel was also using the term "the Uru Hammer" and then first used the word mjolnir in the issue "Journey into Mystery" #83 (August 1962).


While yet others claim that the word was first invented and used by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby of DC Comics when they used the word (with a slightly different spelling: Mjolnar) in their issue "Adventure Comics" #75 (June 1942). In this issue, Thor was introduced as a new villain called, "The Villain from Valhalla".


Meanwhile people who grew up in Nordic countries will correctly tell you that this word is actually an ancient Old Norse word taught in Nordic history books with origins going back to at least the 13th - 14th century.

Old Norse:
Mjöllnir, meaning "crusher", "hamarr" or "stone tool". sells viking jewelry and offers daily blog posts on all things viking related (news, history, artifacts...).


May 10, 2017

Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) refers to Thors hammer by the name mjöllnir in the Prose Edda, a book on norse mythology.

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